Do you sell Custom Design cufflinks?
In addition to being one of the world’s leading cufflink retailers, we also work with clients to design and manufacture custom designs. We’re very experienced at this and work with quality manufacturers to meet our customers needs, from corporate logos, fraternity designs, to custom made wedding gifts.

What are the prices?
Custom-made cufflinks are only available for orders over 50 pairs. Generally prices may cost from between $14.99 per pair, down to approximately $7.99 per pair, with pricing dependant on quantity order and the specific design required. Custom cufflink orders are delivered freight free worldwide. Cufflinks can be gift boxed for additional cost.

Can you make lapel pins?
Yes we can.  We have a minimum order of 100 and a maximum of 4 colors.  Lead times are similar to custom designed cufflinks and pricing is depends on quantity and is available on request.

How long does it take to receive a custom order?
Designs received can be developed into design proofs for you within a number of days. Once the specific design is agreed, the cufflinks can be manufactured and delivered to you within 6 weeks. Delivery can be faster, depending on the production schedule of our manufacturer. If your timeframe is tight please let us know at the time of your query.

What are the cufflinks made of?
Almost all custom cufflinks Rhodium plated, many with enamel colored finishes. Rhodium is a member of the platinum family. Rhodium electroplating is used for our cufflinks to provide a scratch resistant, reflective appearance and durability. Rhodium is often used with white gold in jewelry to enhance the reflectivity of the surface and gems such as diamonds look more brilliant. Because Rhodium is a "noble metal" and inert, it withstands corrosion and makes jewelry more durable for everyday use.

Can you make cufflinks out of Precious Metals and Gems?
Sorry, none of our cufflinks contain real gold, silver or gems sorry. This is reflected in our affordable pricing. All cufflinks have a quality look to them in any situation, and are made to last for years.

How can you proceed further?
Please email us with your requirements and we’ll respond with some options. Please include:
- A sample image of the design, or several options with your preferred option specified
- If the image is a trademark or copywrited design, please include authority from the TradeMark/CopyWrite owner for use on your cufflinks
- The quantity required
- The date for delivery

Please email these details to us at